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Dubai LLC License

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the responsible government authority for issuing all licenses for corporate entities or individual who desire to set up business in the mainland of Dubai. A DED licensed company is known as a Local Company. Many SMEs prefer a local license as they can set up offices anywhere in Dubai without any restrictions. For certain business activities there won’t be any choice but to start a Local Company. In a Local Company you cannot own 100% of the company as you will need a local partner (a UAE national) or local service agents, based on the activity.

Department of Economic Development (DED) License

  • Flexibility to do business in any part of the UAE with local and government authorities
  • No capital required for a local Dubai license
  • Only option for business like retail shops, supermarkets, car rental companies and many more
  • No limit on number of visas (depending on the size of the office space)
  • Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai
  • More options on business activities
  • Fewer nationality restrictions for ownership and visas compared to other jurisdictions
  • A local license can operate from any business centre in Dubai

Under the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), the main licensing options are:

Professional License
(Provision of non-physical services e.g. Consultancy)

Commercial License
(Provision of physical services or trading activities)

Branch or Representative Office

Company set-up options starting from AED 40,000, depending on the activity. Call us for a free consultation.