UAQ Free Trade Zone

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UAQ Free Trade Zone

UAQ Free Zone is a newly formed free zone in the UAE. UAQ FTZ is an ideal location for micro businesses, SMEs and conglomerates to do business in a safe and secure free trade zone environment. It is also one of the most attractive places for effective investment in the region, with commercial, services, trading, consultancies, industrial and freelancer licenses.

The benefits of a company set-up in the UAE with the UAQ Free Zone:

– Flexible office solutions

– Physical presence is not required to start your business

– No paid up share capital or audit report

– Full range of business activities permitted

– License issued in one day

– 100% ownership of your company

– Total privacy

– Bank accounts can be opened

– Full exemption from taxes

– Free trade with international businesses

– Property can be bought in the name of the company

– Fewer nationality issues

– 100% repatriation of capital and profits

Company set-up options starting from AED 16,000 only. Call us for a free consultation.